Beyond Bossfights

Beyond Bossfights 4 – Machinima (and An Unexpected Vidcast!)

This month, I’m joined by Pash, the creative genius behind An Unexpected Vidcast. We talk about his inspiration for the vidcast, he walks me through his creative process, and we speculate on the reasons that the machinima style of film making hasn’t taken off as quickly as once expected. Pash also generously shares some of his side projects, and some of the ideas that did not make it into the vidcast (yet?).

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Making The Braxclan

As some of you might know, I’ve been trying my hand at the YouTubes lately, posting a couple of LOTRO guides and then some full-fledged video play-sessions with my sons, which I’ve un-inventively called “The Braxclan“. I suppose it’s kind of a strange title since I play Carnillian, my trusty RK Elf instead of Braxwolf, but then again I couldn’t have a 90-ish hunter blasting his way through Bree-land again, could I? Plus, Carnilianclan sounds like some kind of snooty, academic Star Trek race. So, I stuck with the persona that most of my LOTRO friends know, Braxwolf, and incorporated ‘clan’ due to involving my family in the project.

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