Beyond Bossfights 38 – It belongs in a museum!

In this episode, DJ and I give our covid vacation stories, plus we talk about the movie Greyhound and how entertainment delivery is changing. Plus a myriad of other gaming, entertainment, and life thoughts from a couple of guys who can’t remember when they got old


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Show notes:

Acknowledgments and apologies

The part of the show dedicated to our Canadian listeners and followers

  • Sorry for insulting the video listeners just now

What have you been playing this week(s)?

  • ESO Greymoor
  • World of Warships
  • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey ❤ ❤
  • *sigh: my kids got me playing Animal Crossing New Horizon…
  • ARK multiplayer on Origin is busted
  • Beat Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition.
  • Zamboni Simulator 2019

Topics for discussion:

  • Corona 
    • Updates since the last episode
      • Went on vacation, 12-hour drive
    • DJPimpDaddy notes
      • I gave myself a haircut
      • Everyone is getting on each other’s nerves in my house
  • Taught myself to solder plumbing pipes using YouTube, never calling a plumber again – I think we have reached peak information sharing, honestly. The biggest hurdle to doing literally anything you want is just getting over the fear of trying.
  • What the heck is Facebook gaming?
  • When was the first time you can remember thinking “I’m getting old” and what happened to precipitate that thought?
    • “Fortnite” and the process of getting a new mortgage with a lower rate
    • When I learned that e-mail is “too slow” for the younger generation

What are we into?

  • Community, and the Darkest Timeline podcast with cast members
  • My new (gaming?) chair – literally, I’m in it right now

What are we looking forward to?

  • Fallout series
  • Greyhound (exclusively on APPLETV ARRRGGH! July 10th) – brings up questions about the future of movie theaters
  • AppleTV is really trying to break into this, but I still don’t recommend subscribing. I do think that they will outlast any Google product at least. Also I can discuss details about the movie theater industry if we have time.
  • Coworker told me to check out The Alienist: A TNT show exclusive to Netflix, but not available in the US or Canada, and streaming on HBOMax…  That description is the entire problem summed  up

 Ask Us Anything


Q: Thin glass or Tankard? Choose wisely and don’t let Michael Caine influence your choice.

You can send your feedback to and I’ll read it on the podcast. A reminder that Beyond Bossfights is on iTunes, Spotify and PlayerFM and would appreciate your ratings and reviews!

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Music by Michael Meadows

Voiceover by Alexa Rubinov

3 thoughts on “Beyond Bossfights 38 – It belongs in a museum!

    1. I’m fine, thanks for checking in. Apparently I’m very poor at impulse control when tweeting about things I swore I’d never tweet about, such as politics during an election, for example. So for the good of all involved, mainly myself, I’ve deactivated my Twitter account to quash any further temptation

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  1. Ok. I think of you as being one of the most measured and respectful people on Twitter, so this is quite a surprising turn of events.

    Hopefully we’ll see you again after things cool down a bit. (You’re already missed!)


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