Vacation musings

Today is my last day of vacation. Tomorrow we take the whole day to drive home. It’s been a fruitful time, I’ve been able to relax, spend some time on the lake, and publish multiple blog posts in a week for the first time since last summer’s vacation.

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World of Warships: My favorite ships to play

I’ve been off work on vacation for almost a week, so I’ve not touched a keyboard except to write the odd blog post in that same amount of time. I’ve found myself periodically keeping up with the gaming world through Twitter, and, in a surprising twist, YouTube.

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What I’d like to see from Amazon’s Fallout series

There was a time when the thought of a video game-inspired film or television adaptation was met with much skepticism. After years of failing to properly capture the heart of a franchise, we finally saw a major breakthrough with 2019’s Netflix adaptation of The Witcher. No longer do the vast, open worlds of electronic RPG’s need to fit into a succinct 120 minutes, nor do they require a studio commitment of upwards of 22 network television episodes (chunked up into 20 or 40 minutes of content to allow for mid-episode advertisements). The freedom of streaming has finally allowed for a somewhat faithful and largely entertaining video game adaptation.

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Red Tails (2012)

This review contains spoilers

I remember seeing movie trailers for Red Tails when it was released in 2012. It looked like a somewhat interesting film, but I never got around to seeing it either in the theater or afterward on home video. When I saw it on one of the several streaming services we now subscribe to (Disney plus, I think?), I decided to see what it was I’d missed out on. Turns out, it wasn’t a whole lot.

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