Beyond Bossfights 40 – Putting the “u” in Honorable

In this episode, DJ and I celebrate our 40th episode with Roger Edwards! We talk about our Covid experiences, returning to Normalcy, biscuits and gravy, and our gaming picks de jour.


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Show notes:

Acknowledgments and apologies

The part of the show dedicated to our Canadian listeners and followers

  • DJ – Apologize for double spacing after each sentence on twitter. I can’t stop and it is wasting precious characters..
  • Honourable mention of the late Christopher Plummer.

What have you been playing this week(s)?

  • Roger: Fall Guys, Mario Kart, STO, Assassin’s Creed Black Flag very badly on a Switch, oh and as an “after thought” LOTRO. Also Greedfall and Blackwood.
  • Brax: ESO Blackwood. World of Warships. Elite Dangerous Odyssey.  I gave up on FO76
  • DJ – Beat Subnautica twice – I despised this game in Early Access. Now obsessed with it. Euro Truck Simulator 2 DLC, The Invisible Hand, several Dragon Quest titles, PowerWash Simulator

Topics for discussion:

  • Corona 
    • I get the impression that in Ohio everyone who wanted a vaccine now has one, so now we wait and see what happens next.
    • Remote schooling is slowly failing from what I can see. They are pushing to restart state testing which is laughable.
    • I am determined to continue to WFH with no pants indefinitely
    • My cat is no longer employee of the month
    • The UK Corona experience. How I had a legitimate reason to avoid, ignore and berate my fellow man for a whole year. Plus it felt like a continuous bank holiday in some respects. I’ve certainly been eating and drinking like it is. Fully vaccinated. The 1st UK lockdown from March to July was the most “interesting”. Less people and traffic about. Really did feel different.
    • Fully vaccinated and maskless ←-loser
  • Work environments (in light of “returning to workplaces”), types, pros, cons
  • Explaining how good biscuits and gravy is to an Englishman (As a Unionist I see myself more as British)

What are we into?

  • Roger
    • I like walking for exercise. Joined The Cool Dude’s Walking Club
    • Toying with the idea of doing a new podcast of some kind. Possibly movie related.
    • Watched all 8 of The Conjuring Universe movies for a blog post. They’re commercial but better than expected. A lot of attention goes into the production design that the public will never see.
  • Brax
  • DJ
    • The movie Nobody was fantastic if you are into that kind of film.
    • I started listening to K-pop somehow.
    • Find myself reading more about Stoicism these days

What are we looking forward to?

  • Farming Simulator 2022 late this fall
  • Returning to movie theaters, or at least having the option
    • My first movie back will be Road Runner in July. That Anthony Bourdain doc.

 Ask Us Anything

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Music by Michael Meadows

Voiceover by Alexa Rubinov

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