Star Citizen Ship

Star Citizen: I’m in a Ship!

Once again late to the party, I just recently started reading up on the development of Star Citizen, the crowd-funded beta space simulator and combat game. While this game has bucked the trend and eschewed Kickstarter in favor of it’s own brand of crowd-funding┬ástarted out on Kickstarter, it has nevertheless raised an unimaginable amount of money since reaching it’s original goal (somewhere in the neighborhood of $45 million at this point) and includes an incredible vision for the future. I was admittedly a little swept away by the hype, and after thinking it over for a few days, decided to go ahead and pledge to one of their tiers. The in-game footage currently available on their website looks incredible, and I am a sucker for eye-candy. As a member of the Star-Wars generation, I simply feel it is my patriotic duty to help make sure this game becomes a reality.

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Making The Braxclan

As some of you might know, I’ve been trying my hand at the YouTubes lately, posting a couple of LOTRO guides and then some full-fledged video play-sessions with my sons, which I’ve un-inventively called “The Braxclan“. I suppose it’s kind of a strange title since I play Carnillian, my trusty RK Elf instead of Braxwolf, but then again I couldn’t have a 90-ish hunter blasting his way through Bree-land again, could I? Plus, Carnilianclan sounds like some kind of snooty, academic Star Trek race. So, I stuck with the persona that most of my LOTRO friends know, Braxwolf, and incorporated ‘clan’ due to involving my family in the project.

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