Beyond Bossfights 35

Brax and DJ talk about the FFVII port, the Rocky films, Family D&D experiences, what they’ve been playing and even answer some listener questions!


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Show notes:

“Reasonable” banter section

  • Why can’t we seem to podcast more? Life comes at ya fast – since the last show I’ve had one kid graduate and leave for college
  • Yeah, and my zipper got stuck.

Acknowledgements and apologies

  • Apologize in advance for any references to 90’s rock bands
  • Formerly apologize if we are saying Reese’s Pieces incorrectly

What have you been playing this week(s)?

  • ESO: Playing a healer in dungeons for the first time
  • Rage2
  • World of Warships
  • GTA: San Andreas PS4
  • From Rust Beta
  • Dr Mario World (Toilet game of the week)
  • Real life YouTuber simulator

Topics for discussion:

  • How much is enough in gaming?
    • In-game MMO hoarding – currency, housing items, crafting items, etc
    • What games can you actually be the crazy cat lady?
  • Ports of ported ports – Why I am not buying Final Fantasy 7
  • Hey, I now write for MassivelyOP! (and have since March)
  • How did DJPD “accidentally” end up at a Hootie and the Blowfish concert?
  • How goes the Vlogging? The fence update!
  • Did I see that you installed GW2 Brax?

What are we into?

What are we looking forward to?

Ask Us Anything
What is your experience with D&D and have you ever considered introducing it to your children for “family fun nights”?
Marshmallows, any variation of golden brown or burnt black as cinders?

You can send your feedback to and I’ll read it on the podcast. Reminder that Beyond Bossfights is on iTunes and would appreciate your ratings and reviews!

Contact information:



Music by Michael Meadows

Voiceover by Alexa Rubinov

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