The Stages of MMO Gameplay

I’m in an interesting position right now in my MMO gaming in that I’m playing two at the moment, one as an old, grizzled veteran and one as a bright, naive newbie. Essentially, I’m in two different stages in these games, which got me thinking about how different our viewpoints are depending on which stage we currently happen to live in. At first, I thought that perhaps these “stages of MMO gameplay” might equate to the stages of grief, but after further reflection decided that that was a rather poor comparison, as those stages are all leading up to the acceptance of the reality of an event while these stages represent your particular feelings toward an MMO depending on a variety of factors, which may in fact never be completely represantative of reality. Experiencing these stages is a personal thing, and while we all experience them to some extent, the intensity of, and length of time in each stage can vary greatly.

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Hearthstone: It’s in the Cards

Have I mentioned that I’m participating in this year’s Newbie Blogger Initiative (NBI)? No? Well, say hello to your resident newbie. I feel like Zach Braff during the first season of “Scrubs”. Any minute, I expect one of the blogging vets to go all Dr. Cox on me. Of course, I kid – the folks involved in this effort are the classy sort. Short story, the NBI is all about teaching and encouraging folks like me (“newbies”) and helping us get semi-established and comfortable in the game blogging/podcasting/streaming environment. Long story, click here.

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