Totally Unfair Ranking of My Top MMO’s

In listening to discussions on MMOs over the past several months, I began to notice that when I hear a certain game being discussed, I tend to always have similar reactions to that title, whether they be positive or negative. Considering this, I figured that I must have a ranking in my head of my favorite and least favorite MMO’s, and it might be interesting to try and list those rankings out and decipher why they fall where they do on the list. Of course, thanks to personal taste, you may or may not agree with my rankings or the reasons for those rankings. It’s a fairly diverse list, and now that I’ve ordered them it has become pretty clear what elements I look for in an MMO.

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THE SECRET is How in the WORLD to Play it

I’ve been trying to pop into The Secret World a few times a week to see if the game has anything that’s going to draw me in. I kept hearing about how ‘different’ the game was from other MMO’s and luckily was able to pick up a copy for $10 during the Steam holiday sales. I had to find out for myself what ‘different’ meant, and whether it was ‘different good’ or just ‘different’.

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