TGEN is Participating in Extra Life 2015!

Extra LifeMany of you probably know that my podcast, Beyond Bossfights, is a part of a pretty cool podcast network. And when I say pretty cool, I’m referring as much to the podcast producers and hosts as well as the shows, themselves. When I put the question to this group of folks about Extra Life 2015, I’m happy to say that I got enough interest to go ahead and create an Extra Life team for The Gaming and Entertainment Network! Our goal is to raise $5,000 to benefit children who are sick enough to require specialized hospital treatments and extended stays.

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Welcome “How Is This Movie?” to The Gaming and Entertainment Network!

How Is This Movie?Once again, I’m excited to be able to announce a new addition to TGEN, our first podcast dedicated to the history of movies and film: How Is This Movie?! When we came up with the concept for TGEN, we purposefully included “entertainment” in the vision, so as to someday be able to include content that would fall beyond the scope of gaming. Some of our existing shows already dabble in the subjects of film and popular culture and we think that if you find those segments appealing, you’re really going to enjoy HITM!  Host Dana Buckler brings a wealth of movie knowledge and a unique brand of storytelling that is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Welcome, Dana and HITM to The Gaming and Entertainment Network!

Welcome Multiplaying to The Gaming and Entertainment Network

I’m really excited to announce that the Multiplaying podcast is now a part of TGEN! If you’re not familiar with Multiplaying, it’s a weekly show about gaming and geek culture produced by Zeli, Slurms, and Jaberrant and is part of the larger Multiplaying community that includes forums and multi-game guilds. We feel that Multiplaying is an obvious fit for TGEN considering the fun nature of the show and the shared goal of community support. If you’d like to give Multiplaying a look, head over to their site, or the newly created page on TGEN. It’s a great community!


Unveiling The Gaming and Entertainment Network

Today we’re super excited to announce the official launch of a new podcast network focused on gaming, pop culture and entertainment: The Gaming and Entertainment Network (TGEN).
Born out of the belief that great content can come from anywhere, and that we can accomplish more together than separate, TGEN will strive to ensure that quality gaming and entertainment podcasts can continue to thrive throughout the growth of both the individual shows and the podcasting industry. The charter TGEN shows all exemplify the important characteristics detailed on the TGEN “about us” page, whether they veteran shows or brand new to the scene. As of launch, our eight shows are:

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