Lore or Back-story?

I saw a post on Twitter today that made me pause and think. It said something about the lore for League of Legends. Lore? I thought to myself. What kind of lore can a game like League of Legends have? Keep in mind, I play LOTRO, so lore may have a totally different meaning for me. In LOTRO, lore is not created within the game. It was formed and crafted decades prior to the game, and hopefully adhered to as much as possible within the game.

So, I ran over to the dictionary and learned that lore is simply defined as something that can be learned. In a truly meta moment, I realized I was reading lore about lore.

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Elder Scrolls Online: Yeah, it’s Pretty Fun

Here are my impressions of the Elder Scrolls Online after logging in last night for the first time and spending the evening exploring whatever part of Tamriel I was dropped into.

I should probably start by saying that I’m not en Elder Scrolls devotee. I’ve played Skyrim up to about level eleven, and that’s pretty much my experience with ES. There was a lot to love about that game, but there was also a lot of tedium that I just didn’t have time to mess with, not least of which was sifting through my quest log trying to figure out what to do next – before getting distracted by another NPC who wanted to send me to the other side of the map. I also wasn’t crazy about how mashy the combat system felt. It was cool at first, but there’s only so much you can do with left mouse/right mouse. I should probably also say that (as a consumer, anyway) I am still not a fan of the subscription-only business model. I understand the reasons for it, and that it can lead to better and more frequently updated games, but I just can’t get over the old rent vs buy conversation from economics 101. Renting never, ever benefits the consumer. It will always cost you more in the long run. If you have the means to own something, do it.

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The Hype for 2014: Why I’m not buying it

By my posts and community involvement, you might think that the only game that I play is Lord of the Rings Online. While that’s almost true, I do venture outside of Middle-Earth occasionally to see what else the gaming world has to offer. For one, I’m interested in how other games approach certain things and what systems/strategies work better or worse than what I’m familiar with in LOTRO. Second, although I currently have no plans to stop playing LOTRO, I know that games don’t last forever, and I’d like to understand the landscape in case things start to go south. Lastly, the distinct possibility exists that there may indeed be a game out there that succeeds in replacing my current “number one” due to it’s sheer awesomeness, approach, or general “fun factor”. After all, LOTRO is a six year old game, surely somebody has seen fit to improve upon the concepts of gameplay that I know fairly well….

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