Beyond Bossfights

Beyond Bossfights 32

Brax and DJ talk about vacations, progression servers, sentient vacuum cleaners and a whole lot more!



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It’s Time for Steam to Update Family Sharing

steamI love Steam’s Family Sharing feature. I’m always a little peeved when I take a step back and notice the fast-paced tech industry ignoring the concept of “family unit” in favor of pushing everything towards individuals with credit cards. This is especially irritating in the gaming world, when you realize that historically, video games were developed and marketed mainly towards kids, and without whom the industry itself might not even exist, today. So I’m always happy to see big companies like Apple, Amazon and Valve taking families into consideration through sharing and parental features.

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The Dangers of Digital Distribution

Every once in a while you run into one of those situations that you knew would come up eventually, but you ignored the possibility because the alternative was just so darn convenient. Or cost effective. Or popular. After all, 50 million users can’t be wrong, can they? In my case, exclusive digital storefronts were the culprit of my gaming irritation that admittedly could have been much worse.

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