Car Citizen: Catch the Vision!

Star Citizen Origin 300i

Unnamed Salesperson: Welcome to Car Citizen! Catch the vision! Can I help you?

Me: Yeah, I heard about what you’re doing over here and I picked up this brochure. I’d kind of like to get in on this. I’ve been looking at the cars you’ve got available. The 300i looks to be in my price range.

US: That’s a nice all-purpose automobile. We’d be happy to have your business!

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Star Citizen Ship

Star Citizen: I’m in a Ship!

Once again late to the party, I just recently started reading up on the development of Star Citizen, the crowd-funded beta space simulator and combat game. While this game has bucked the trend and eschewed Kickstarter in favor of it’s own brand of crowd-funding started out on Kickstarter, it has nevertheless raised an unimaginable amount of money since reaching it’s original goal (somewhere in the neighborhood of $45 million at this point) and includes an incredible vision for the future. I was admittedly a little swept away by the hype, and after thinking it over for a few days, decided to go ahead and pledge to one of their tiers. The in-game footage currently available on their website looks incredible, and I am a sucker for eye-candy. As a member of the Star-Wars generation, I simply feel it is my patriotic duty to help make sure this game becomes a reality.

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