The Sky’s the Limit: Skyrim Review

I’ve purchased Skyrim a couple of times. When it first came out, I bought it for the PS3 based on┬áthe word-of-mouth I was hearing from co-workers. For whatever reason, I never really got into the groove of using a controller for an RPG, and quickly abandoned the idea. About two years later, still encouraged by strong reviews and graphics that were very appealing to my gaming tastes, I picked up the Ultimate PC edition on Steam for a little over $25. This time, I tried a little harder to understand the game, but still found it frustrating and turned to more familiar titles to fill my precious free time.

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The Hype for 2014: Why I’m not buying it

By my posts and community involvement, you might think that the only game that I play is Lord of the Rings Online. While that’s almost true, I do venture outside of Middle-Earth occasionally to see what else the gaming world has to offer. For one, I’m interested in how other games approach certain things and what systems/strategies work better or worse than what I’m familiar with in LOTRO. Second, although I currently have no plans to stop playing LOTRO, I know that games don’t last forever, and I’d like to understand the landscape in case things start to go south. Lastly, the distinct possibility exists that there may indeed be a game out there that succeeds in replacing my current “number one” due to it’s sheer awesomeness, approach, or general “fun factor”. After all, LOTRO is a six year old game, surely somebody has seen fit to improve upon the concepts of gameplay that I know fairly well….

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