Gamer Demographic Survey Results – Play Style

This is a continuation of the Gamer Demographic Survey series that I’m posting, tabulating survey results from 75 participants about their gaming habits, content consumption, and reasons for playing. This post will focus on breaking down play-styles by both gender and age. You can read the original summary post for additional background, method and disclaimers.

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Taking a Survey

Gamer Demographic Survey Results – Summary

A few weeks ago, I put the call out for people to respond to a “gamer survey”. It was kind of done on a whim, and the purpose was to either challenge or verify assumptions I’ve been making when mulling over some of the issues associated with gaming. For example, one assumption that I’ve been running with for a long time is that video consumption mostly occurs within a younger demographic of gamer. This assumption is based on a very small sample of my friends who are gamers and my own family, but I realize that extrapolating my own experiences and applying them to the entire population of gamers can be a big mistake, and is by definition stereotyping. So, I decided to go ahead and take a survey of gamers to see what players of different demographic segments enjoy, and what motivates them to play at all.

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