Graphical Snobbery

Graphics CardI’m a regular listener of the MassivelyOP podcast. I enjoy the years of gaming insight that both hosts bring to the show, as well as their down-to-earth style of communicating. However, one term (or concept, really) continues to be brandished about during that podcast that tends to rub me the wrong way. The phrase “graphics snobs” has been used several times as of late in describing those who dismiss a game purely on graphical presentation and without any other basis. While I understand the hosts’ objections, the idea sometimes comes across more like “graphics really aren’t all that important to a game, anyway.” It’s with this implication that I take issue.

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The Voice

MicrophoneHave you ever listened to your own voice? I can remember as a kid, my parents let us play around with an audio cassette recorder that they had for some reason or other. My siblings and I would sing songs, create shows, or just babble on about nothing in particular and then quickly rewind the tape to see what it sounded like. I had mostly forgotten that feeling until I started podcasting about two years ago. When I joined LOTRO Players News on episode 8, I started listening to that podcast every week to seek out areas of improvement for both the show Continue reading

Welcome “How Is This Movie?” to The Gaming and Entertainment Network!

How Is This Movie?Once again, I’m excited to be able to announce a new addition to TGEN, our first podcast dedicated to the history of movies and film: How Is This Movie?! When we came up with the concept for TGEN, we purposefully included “entertainment” in the vision, so as to someday be able to include content that would fall beyond the scope of gaming. Some of our existing shows already dabble in the subjects of film and popular culture and we think that if you find those segments appealing, you’re really going to enjoy HITM!  Host Dana Buckler brings a wealth of movie knowledge and a unique brand of storytelling that is unlike anything you’ve heard before. Welcome, Dana and HITM to The Gaming and Entertainment Network!

MMORPG Game On Podcast: Challenge Accepted!

Just a quick update on a new project I’m involved in.

In case you’ve missed my tweets on the subject, I was recently asked by Jessica Cook (of Herding Cats and Cat Context Podcast fame) to co-host’s Game On news podcast twice a month. This podcast is the official MMO news show of , so it’s kind of a big deal, and of course I was very excited to even be considered. At my request, I did a trial show to help me determine whether another podcast will fit into my schedule. That recording went well, so I guess I’ll be appearing on the show for the foreseeable future!

You can check out Game On on the MMORPG show page and subscribe from there!