A Farewell to DJPimpdaddy – from DJPimpdaddy

DJPimpdaddyI wrote about online relationships on Valentine’s Day of this year, a topic that was met with a lot of interest and about an equal amount of disagreement with my conclusions. That’s fine, but it’s probably something that I will always struggle with, especially since I’ve chosen to compartmentalize my gaming persona from my actual real-life “secret identity”. Who is Braxwolf, really? Is he a carefully crafted brand, simply another skin for my real-life personality, or a bit of both? Luckily, I’ve learned that I’m not the only one who grapples with some of the interesting new aspects of online social interaction.

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Standing out from the Crowd

The Pro’s and Con’s of Online Social Constructs

Today, Belghast over at Tales of the Aggronaut posted a synopsis of a Twitter conversation he and I were both recently involved in. If you haven’t checked that one out, it’s worth a read.

In a nutshell, I was asking some questions about the differences between online relationships and real life relationships, and Bel was challenging the notion that there was even a difference. Or, more accurately, contending that the difference was only in the eye of the beholder. Bel makes it a point to ensure that he treats every single person he interacts with as a person, and not as just pixels on a screen.

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Lego Minifigures

Lego Minifigures Online First Impressions: Is Everything Awesome?

Ever since I played the first #Lego Star Wars game, I’ve been impressed by the ability of the franchise to merge intuitiveness, humor and interesting gameplay mechanics into recognized IP, while simultaneously building up their own brand to toddlers and adults alike. I’m also a big advocate of making sure the “big business” of video games doesn’t forget about kids it it’s quest for the almighty dollar. So it was with great excitement that I opened my inbox to find an invitation to the new Lego #Minifigures Online closed beta this past weekend.

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