NBI 2016: Why I Don’t Self-Host

WordpressIn the project-driven environments of today’s workforce, there are typically three major stages that a product or service can fall into. These are (in my terms, not the industry): Conceptualization, Realization, and Sustenance. Subsequently, job descriptions tend to be divided to support one of these three major stages. As a worker, you’re either brainstorming the concept, bringing that concept into reality or sustaining that reality for an undetermined amount of time. While new ideas are always exciting (and tend to get the lion’s share of attention by the higher ups), more time and resources will be spent on maintaining and supporting the product/service during its life cycle than on either conceptualizing or implementing it.

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Why I’m Participating in the 2014 NBI

NBI, for the uninitiated, stands for Newbie Blogger Initiative. Further information about the endeavor can be found at their about page. This year, I’ve decided to participate in the month long initiative as one of the “newbies”. What is my motivation, exactly? What are my expectations? Those are great questions, and ones that I’ve been challenged to explore.

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