Five Dollars

Gimme Five(err)!

What was the best five dollars you ever spent? I recently discovered the website, which provides a platform for people to sell their services for five dollars per “gig” (the term they use for a single $5 job). There are endless numbers of people providing such services as: graphic design, language translation, illustration, blogging and a lot more. Every service is five dollars, but sellers have the option of including additional services and customization for additional fees.

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Enduring the Troughs to Experience the Summit

Well, today started out pretty lackluster. I’ve got about a 35 minute commute to work every day, and during the summer I also drive one of my kids into town for a “day camp” that my work facilitates for children of employees. The park where the day camp is hosted is for employees only and requires and ID badge for access. Well, about 20 minutes into my 35 minute drive, I realized that I’d left my ID badge at home and had to turn around and drive all the way back. Of course, that set me back about 45 minutes and once I finally did arrive at work. I spent the rest of my day trying to catch up for the time that I’d lost.

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My Poor Assumption About Fellow Gamers

I think I’ve started to come to terms with a false assumption I’ve held for some time now. That is: everybody plays games for the same reason that I do. I’ve always conceded that all people have different play-styles, but I think I’ve taken for granted that different people approach the hobby of gaming very differently. Participating in the NBI this year has really opened my eyes to some of the reasons gamers don’t see eye-to-eye on things such as game direction or importance of various systems and mechanics.

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NBI 2014: Considerations for Starting a Podcast

When I launched Beyond Bossfights, I posted a rather lengthy announcement post detailing some of my thought processes at the time. In the last five months, I’ve had time to sit back, do additional research, listen/talk to others about podcasting and reflect on why I’ve instinctively done some of the things I have. Perhaps some of my trials, reasoning and mis-steps can be of use to others who are contemplating taking the first steps into the world of podcasting. As always, the following is based on my own experiences and personal preferences, so others may not agree.

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Why I’m Participating in the 2014 NBI

NBI, for the uninitiated, stands for Newbie Blogger Initiative. Further information about the endeavor can be found at their about page. This year, I’ve decided to participate in the month long initiative as one of the “newbies”. What is my motivation, exactly? What are my expectations? Those are great questions, and ones that I’ve been challenged to explore.

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