When Best Buy Was King

Nowadays, when I need a part for my gaming rig or a new music track to listen to, I need go no further than my personal laptop, which is stored conveniently in my living room cabinet. With a few clicks, the product in question will soon be leaving the nearest Amazon shipping facility or downloading to my personal device. But there was once a time when purchasing such a luxury would entail putting on my shoes, exiting my domicile and transporting myself to the happiest place on Earth: the local Best Buy.

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Movie Review: Rise of the Fellowship

Three years after the initial release, I finally sat down to watch “Rise of the Fellowship“, thanks to it’s availability on Netflix streaming. Originally titled “The Fellows Hip: Rise of the Gamers” back before distribution problems delayed widespread release, the film is a buddy comedy that parodies many aspects of the Peter Jackson LOTR trilogy and showcases game footage from the Lord of the Rings Online MMO.

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