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Beyond Bossfights 19 – Quitting Your MMO

In this episode, Sean from Gaming Conjecture joins me to talk through our experiences quitting or fading away from MMO’s and some of the reasons we chose to do so.


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Approaching a New Game for the First Time

Iron ManWith some exceptions, MMO players eventually leave their “first” MMO for something newer or different. Experiencing a new game for the first time (and having it click) is an exhilarating experience, especially when you start to realize the depth that lies before you and the potential it holds. I’ve recently jumped around to several different games, going from LOTRO to Guild Wars 2 (where I successfully capped one character) to Skyrim and lately to Marvel Heroes 2015. Arguably three of my last four games have been MMO’s (the other a very deep RPG), and I’ve noticed a pattern to how I approach playing a new game, and I wonder how it affects/enhances my enjoyment of it. I’m also curious about how others approach a new game, and how their approach differs from mine.

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Beyond Bossfights

Beyond Bossfights 18 – Beyond the Beacons

This month, I’m happy to have my friend Braag, proprietor of the Light the Beacons podcast, on the show to talk about LOTRO, community content creation, and using pseudonyms for our “gaming” personas. I also have a quick interview with my youngest son about his (and my) latest favorite game, Marvel Heroes 2015.

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Infinitely in Crisis

SupermanInfinite Crisis.  Now that Turbine has announced the closure of their DC Comics powered MOBA, the name seems almost cruelly ironic. The true crisis, it appears, happened behind the scenes while reviewing revenue reports and budget estimates.

I’m not going to go as far as to say “I called it” in regards to the lack of success of this game. After all, anything I’ve ever predicted has been based on pure speculation from an outside viewpoint. However, I always found it difficult to understand why Turbine was putting so many eggs in the MOBA basket and why they entered the market so late. I’ll be honest, as a huge fan of Turbine’s “other” property, Lord of the Rings Online, I felt the sting as more and more devs were moved from “my game” to the next new hotness. I watched as the marketing for my favorite MMO decreased and the hype for a yet-to-be released LOL clone escalated. Speaking of League of Legends, at the same time that IC was being developed, Riot Games was reporting 27 million concurrent users of their incarnation. Twenty. Seven. Million. It’s certainly enough to make any WB executive’s ears perk up, but it leads the casual observer to wonder: how many more MOBA players can there actually be? And why was a company that had never ventured outside of MMO’s suddenly switching genres so drastically?
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Beyond Bossfights

Beyond Bossfights 17 – Community Filmmaking

Storytelling comes in many forms. In gaming, we play out scenes through our avatars and with our imaginations. As strange as it may seem, the creative storytelling process of filmmaking isn’t much different! In episode 17, Ron Newcomb and I examine Ron’s journey from law enforcement officer to filmmaker, some parallels between gaming and filmmaking, and the movement towards community involvement for independent filmmakers.

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Beyond Bossfights

Beyond Bossfights 16 – Good and Bad Game Studios?

Is there such a thing as a good and bad game studio? In this episode, I’ve got game bloggers Murf and Doone to discuss our perceptions of game studios, what influences them, and whether the ethical practices of a studio have any relation to the quality of games being produced.


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Beyond Bossfights

Beyond Bossfights 15 – Language and Culture Differences

This month, I’m joined by illustrious blogger and podcaster Syl from and Battle Bards. Syl gives us her take on some of the cultural differences she’s noticed within the gaming community, and we discuss some ways that language and culture can sometimes cause unintended misunderstandings.

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