Middle-earth Lore is Here!

Old BookAs I’ve already mentioned a few (dozen) times, including in this earlier post entitled “The Voice“, I am one of many, many people involved in creating a new YouTube web series called “Middle-earth Lore”. One of the reasons that I’m so proud to be attached to┬áthis project is standard of quality that it has established. When I heard the list of names of people Andang had recruited to assist in the series (it reads like a who’s who of Tolkien gaming and lore), I had high hopes that the end result would be something special, and it does not disappoint. I could go on and on about the video, or I could just embed it below and let you watch it for yourselves. So, please enjoy episode 1 of Middle-Earth Lore: The Shire.

Make sure you don’t miss future episodes! Follow MiddleEarthLore on Twitter or Subscribe to Andang’s YouTube channel (there’s even a handy playlist for this series!)


Flashback: I’ve Ventured Into Middle-Earth

With the release of Helm’s Deep and the next chapter of LOTRO, I decided to go back to the beginning and take a look at the first “post” I ever made about the game. I’ve lifted this from my personal blog, and it’s really fun to go back and see “where it all began”. It’s interesting that almost three years later I’m still playing the game, and have found various other ways to enjoy it such as contributing to LOTRO Players, podcasting, and making vidcasts. I still feel kind of bad about the dead wild pigs.

This article was originally posted on February 21, 2011

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