Approaching a New Game for the First Time

Iron ManWith some exceptions, MMO players eventually leave their “first” MMO for something newer or different. Experiencing a new game for the first time (and having it click) is an exhilarating experience, especially when you start to realize the depth that lies before you and the potential it holds. I’ve recently jumped around to several different games, going from LOTRO to Guild Wars 2 (where I successfully capped one character) to Skyrim and lately to Marvel Heroes 2015. Arguably three of my last four games have been MMO’s (the other a very deep RPG), and I’ve noticed a pattern to how I approach playing a new game, and I wonder how it affects/enhances my enjoyment of it. I’m also curious about how others approach a new game, and how their approach differs from mine.

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In Need of a (Marvel) Hero

Marvel HeroesThere appears to be a recurring theme in my life as of late. I’ve found myself returning to games that at one point I’d decided were not enjoyable to me. What’s even more interesting is that they’ve started to ‘click’ and I’ve found myself sinking hours into games that were at one time so unappealing that I couldn’t understand what others saw in them. First it was Guild Wars 2. Then, I jumped back into Skyrim. Now, thanks to an irrational pull prompted by my viewing of the latest Avengers movie, I’ve re-entered a game that I never thought I would enjoy: Marvel Heroes. I’ll just chalk all of this up to being hopelessly slow to catch on to “new hotness”. I’m full of examples of things that I did not “get” at first but changed my opinion about at a later time – MMO’s, twitter, blogging. Heck, maybe I’ll come to the point where I even enjoy MOBA’s someday.

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Totally Unfair Ranking of My Top MMO’s

In listening to discussions on MMOs over the past several months, I began to notice that when I hear a certain game being discussed, I tend to always have similar reactions to that title, whether they be positive or negative. Considering this, I figured that I must have a ranking in my head of my favorite and least favorite MMO’s, and it might be interesting to try and list those rankings out and decipher why they fall where they do on the list. Of course, thanks to personal taste, you may or may not agree with my rankings or the reasons for those rankings. It’s a fairly diverse list, and now that I’ve ordered them it has become pretty clear what elements I look for in an MMO.

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