The Voice

MicrophoneHave you ever listened to your own voice? I can remember as a kid, my parents let us play around with an audio cassette recorder that they had for some reason or other. My siblings and I would sing songs, create shows, or just babble on about nothing in particular and then quickly rewind the tape to see what it sounded like. I had mostly forgotten that feeling until I started podcasting about two years ago. When I joined LOTRO Players News on episode 8, IĀ started listening to that podcast every week to seek outĀ areas of improvement for both the show Continue reading “The Voice”

LOTRO Players News

Taking a Break From LOTRO Players News

Just a quick update on my current whereabouts. If you were in the chat room for the latest episode of LOTRO Players News you may (or may not) have noticed that I was absent from the show. I’ve approached Andang and requested to take a break from LPN for a bit. I realize that the timing of this request may look suspicious (with the relatively high amount of co-host turnover in a short period of time) but I can assure everybody that it really has more to do with current life situation than anything else. There’s no intentional shakeup going on with the podcast and everybody who has left has done so on the best of terms (Cithryth, Draculetta and Ethelros are still contributing to Players Alliance sites). In fact, hanging out with the LPN gang was something I looked forward to every week and a major consideration for doing the podcast as long as I have!

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My 2013 LOTRO Year in Review

What a long, strange trip it’s been. Last year at this time, I was happily riding through Rohan alongside my wife, discovering the joys of dispatching Bugud and the grind of Hytbolt. It’s strange to remember that my only real “outward” voice was my Twitter account. This blog did exist, but was used exclusively to showcase Braxwolf’s backstory to the six people who were interested in reading it. The “posts” page was only created recently. I was happy to use my precious free time playing the game, listening to podcasts on my drive to work, and goofing off with my kinmates and Twitter friends. A consumer, for all practical purposes.

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