LOTRO Shadows of Angmar

EX-LOTRO Dev Shares Industry Insights

Well, that was unexpected. I’ve been involved with the game of LOTRO for about four years now, and have followed it fairly closely for my responsibilities on LOTRO Players for about two of those, but never have I read such an in-depth “first-person” viewpoint of the inner workings of Turbine as what was posted by ex-QA dev Aylwen in the LOTROcommunity¬†forums¬†– not to be confused with the official LOTRO forums –¬†yesterday. Oh, we’ve heard grumblings and whispers and rumors, and we’ve read the glassdoor reviews, but never have we seen so much from the inside of the traditionally tight-lipped company. Aylwen claims to have no beef with his former employer, and seems to wax nostalgic as often as he criticizes.

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Beyond Bossfights

Beyond Bossfights 10 – Becoming a Game Developer

I’m joined this month by Joey Wiggs, who works for the startup game development company Flying Helmet Games. Joey and I talk about what it takes to break into the gaming industry and how Flying Helmet Games is hoping to grab our attention with their concept of merging table-top and video gaming.

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