The Fan Site Tightrope

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I’ve just celebrated my personal first anniversary over at the LOTRO Players fan site. My first article was posted on July 5th of last year. In some ways it seems like just the other day, and in other ways it seems like years ago. One reason that it seems like a great deal of time has passed is because of how much I’ve learned in the past year. Games communities, volunteer journalism, informal networking, and even the business of gaming are things that I’m constantly learning about while feeding this hobby of fan site volunteerism.

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Video: LOTRO Helm’s Deep Captain “Lead the Charge” Skills

I did a new video on Helm’s Deep skills last night. This time, I’ve focused on giving a rundown on the “red” specialization of the Captain class: Lead the Charge. This line focuses on single-target DPS and gives many damage and crit bonuses throughout the tree. The Standard of War skill is new with Helm’s Deep, and can be used in conjunction with an “equipped” standard AND a herald. I show how this works in the video.