What Do Gamers Really Want?

Uncle SamGamers are a strange bunch. We want to have input into the direction of our games, and we decry studios when we feel we’re being ignored. But it must be pretty tough to be a game studio, sifting through feedback on multiple issues, some of it in diametric opposition, knowing that you can’t please everybody. And then there’s the big question: Do gamers even know what we really want?

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My Poor Assumption About Fellow Gamers

I think I’ve started to come to terms with a false assumption I’ve held for some time now. That is: everybody plays games for the same reason that I do. I’ve always conceded that all people have different play-styles, but I think I’ve taken for granted that different people approach the hobby of gaming very differently. Participating in the NBI this year has really opened my eyes to some of the reasons gamers don’t see eye-to-eye on things such as game direction or importance of various systems and mechanics.

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