Content Consumption Update 3/20/2016

NetflixI’ve been sorely lacking for inspiration lately on the content creation front. I’ve been very one-dimensional in the gaming space lately, and that dimension exists in the wasteland of Fallout 4. Every once in a while, you come upon just the right game at just the right time. Fallout 4 satisfies my desire for a deep story-based game with adequate combat and exploration without many of the aspects of MMO’s that I’ve come to dislike over the last several years. No rep grind, no end-game race, no griefing.

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Fallout 4 Beats The Witcher for DICE GOTY, but That’s Not What Matters

Fallout BoyI hate awards shows. I know this may seem a bit ironic coming from a guy who prominently displays a “promising star” NBI award in his side panel. But I guess I consider a community/peer award a little bit different than the glitzed up, overdone, pretentious presentations that have become associated with most major awards shows. I’m especially skeptical of awards voted on by critics, industry experts, journalists, or any other tiny subset of the actual consumers or fans of the products. The whole formula seems like a petri dish for moral ambiguity considering the advertising boost received by the nominees.

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