Beyond Bossfights Episode 7 – Barriers to Playing MMO’s

This month, I’m joined by Layanor from the MMO Reporter Network to discuss the barriers to Playing MMO’s and some of the things the industry is doing to combat these obstacles.

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CMP Roundtable: The State of MMO’s

This week, I was honored to be invited to participate in a round-table discussion on the future of MMO’s for the Contains Moderate Peril 150th episode celebration! It was a blast sitting alongside such esteemed company as Syl (MMO Gypsy), Joseph/Scormus (MMO Troll & Roleplay Domain), Jewel (Healing the Masses) and of course Roger and (as ever) Brian of CMP. Although most members of the panel were out of my league as far as MMO experience goes, this group was very welcoming, as expected. We discussed a variety of topics, from the emergence of sandbox to crowd-funding. Readers of this site and listeners of Beyond Bossfights will probably find it well worth their time to check out.

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Ethical Gaming

The latest Contains Moderate Peril podcast was dedicated entirely to Eve Online and brought up several interesting questions about the community surrounding #Eve. One facet in particular that caught my attention included the question of #ethics within the game. As with any game, and especially the more sandbox-style games, there are certain things that a player can do that are not necessarily against the rules of the game, but may have other consequences (blacklisting from other players, all out declaration of war) or none at all, depending on whether you get caught or not. There even seems to be an element of admiration for those who know the systems and networks within the game well enough to be able to get away with certain types of unethical behavior, and perhaps even thrive because of it.

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