Beyond Bossfights 37 – Covid Cast with the King

DJ and I talk about such far-ranging topics as the current Covid-19 global pandemic and the Netflix series Tiger King with Joe Exotic


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Show notes:

“Reasonable” banter section

Acknowledgements and apologies

  • Sorry for being so socially distant lately
  • Sorry for quitting beer. I didn’t think Corona would be such a jealous ex  🙂

What have you been playing this week(s)?

  • ESO Greymoor preview server
  • Witcher 3
  • Lotro, Not Dragon Quest Stars, D&D (Webex), installed Witcher 1(PC)

Topics for discussion:

  • Corona 
    • How are we coping? 
    • What’s changed?
    • When do we think this will end?
    • What will the fallout be?
  • Tiger King
  • The Witcher

What are we into?

  • Brax
    • PC Build – I’m trying to boost the economy
  • DJ
    • L2 charger for my van

What are we looking forward to?

  • nothing

Ask Us Anything

Corona question from Jonathan Andrist:

What is your theme music for your self-isolation?


Is there anything you want to do that you feel like you haven’t done? Anywhere you want to go? Someone you want to meet?

Contact information:



Music by Michael Meadows

Voiceover by Alexa Rubinov

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