Beyond Bossfights 36 – With a side of turkey

Brax and DJ talk about turkey basting, gaming journalism, Ford v Ferrari and more!


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Show notes:

“Reasonable” banter section

  • Why can’t we seem to podcast more? Life comes at ya fast – since the last show I’ve had one kid graduate and leave for college
  • Yeah, and my zipper got stuck.

Acknowledgements and apologies

  • Apologize for my slactivism
  • I’d like to acknowledge the grassroots campaigners out there that helped me guilt Brax into podcasting again, you know who you are…

What have you been playing this week(s)?

  • ESO: Created a Nord tank, necromancer class
  • World of Warships
  • Finished Jedi: Fallen Order
  • My Time At Portia PC
  • Skyrim VR PS4
  • Train Simulator 2020 update PC
  • Dragon Quest 4 iOS
  • Dragon Quest 11 PS4
  • Dragon Quest My Story – Netflix

Topics for discussion:

  • Hey, I went to Vegas! – courtesy of ZeniMax
  • Should I release my unfinished secret project from 2017?
  • Films: Ford vs Ferrari (Le Mans 66 in the EU)

What are we into?

  • Brax
    • Writing – I’m writing again! (kinda)
    • Band of Brothers
  • DJ
    • Andrew 2.0 is going well. Trying to figure out how to cook a turkey.
    • Looking for documentary topics – P Go
    • I keep wanting to get to Mordor in LotRO – fighting that completionist urges which is a terrible urge to have in a MMO
    • Remind me to discuss the terminal velocity of a Dell 2900 server

What are we looking forward to?

  • No longer care about Marvel films
  • Greymoor chapter in ESO
  • Dragon Quest iOS games coming – DQ Walk, DQ Tactics
  • Starfield – Bethesda’s new space RPG
  • A good snow day that lasts like 2-3 days\

Ask Us Anything


  • Have your dining habits or the foods you eat changed in the last 10 years?

You can send your feedback to and I’ll read it on the podcast. Reminder that Beyond Bossfights is on iTunes and would appreciate your ratings and reviews!

Contact information:



Music by Michael Meadows

Voiceover by Alexa Rubinov

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