Blaugust tip: schedule your posts

I know, it’s tough. You’ve just punched out your latest and greatest blog post. It’s just sitting there, staring back at you. You can hardly wait to send your new baby out into the world and see what kind of reactions it garners. That publish button looms large. But wait, take a deep breath, and use your content management system’s scheduling option instead.

There are several benefits to scheduling your posts instead of publishing them right away, not the least of which is that you can choose exactly when the post hits your social feeds. I like to schedule my posts for noon eastern US time, because most of the USA is on or nearing lunch break, or at least wrapping up the early morning workday emergencies. At that same time, Europe and the UK are starting to wrap up their workdays and may be ready for some wind-down time reading their favorite leisure time posts. Also, for whatever reason, Thursdays seem to be my most popular viewing day of the week, so I will sometimes save a post for that day instead of pushing it out on a Sunday or Monday night when most gamers are either in-game or gearing up for work.

Another benefit I find for scheduling a post is that, in four hours when I inevitably think of something really smart and witty to add, I can do so without editing a live post. That way, those early readers haven’t missed out on something I decided to add four hours into a published post’s life.


Lastly, it helps avoid an accidental early publish. In some versions of wordpress, that save button is just a little too close to the publish button. If you’re not paying attention, it would be fairly easy to push a half-finished post out to the masses. I think they’ve altered this in the new and improved but significantly less feature rich version of the editor, but I still prefer the wp-admin version with all of the bells and whistles. If I’m working on a very long post that will take me several days or weeks, I’ve even gone as far as to schedule the post six months out. Then, instead of saving drafts, I just hit the big blue schedule button.

As with all tips, your blogging style comes down to your personal preference, so take it or leave it. Incorporate the tips that make sense to your workflow and toss out the others. Happy blogging!

3 thoughts on “Blaugust tip: schedule your posts

  1. That is very good advice, even though there’s no chance I’m going to follow it!

    It’s incredibly obvious that anything I post on a weekend gets a fraction of the views of a weekday post. I’m fairly certain most of my readers do their bog reading when someone’s paying for their time, not at home.

    The good thing is that regular readers will catch up when they can, so a weekend post that’s of any value will pick up traction later. It certainly would make more sense to post fluff on weekends and meatier stuff in the week but unfortunately I write what I write when I write it so that’s not really going to work.

    Also, although I’m home all summer for health reasons right now and can post every day, usually I only have time to post on the days I don’t work, so that also controls when posts go out.

    I definitely could manage things more efficiently, though. I’ll have to think about it.

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  2. I use the schedule feature for all of those reasons. I initially schedule a post for far past its planned post date, then dial it back in when I feel it is ready. Only once have I forgotten about a post I had scheduled and been surprised by it going live, though I have had a couple of posts not go live because I forgot to reset the date or time.

    I have, for arcane reasons, decided that 17:15 UTC is the optimal time for me to post, though if there will be two posts in one day I try to straddle that time with at least four hours in between.

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