Blaugust tip: make haste!

This is the last tip I plan to post for Blaugust 2019 unless some heavenly inspiration overtakes me. Each year that I’m involved in some newbie blogger event, there are folks who seem completely apprehensive about starting a blog. Truly, the most successful blogs do take just a bit of planning in order to assure some form of longevity. But there comes a time when it’s necessary to jump in and hit that dreaded post button for the first time.

If you’ve settled on a topic (which could be as simple as “how my day went”), signed up for one of the myriad of free hosting sites, and chosen a theme, I’d say it’s time to share your thoughts with the world! Really, there’s no better time than during the blaugust event, when you’ve got lots of support from fellow bloggers in the form of both advice and views. Don’t miss this window. Make haste, my friend! The time for dallying has passed!

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