Blaugust tip: make time

Boy do I feel like a hypocrite with this post. I never successfully sat down and carved out a time every day to concentrate on my blog posting. If I had, the blog probably would have had a longer, more successful life. I was the kind of person who thought “eh, I’ll just get to it when I’ve got some spare time”, but ultimately that was not the best approach.

I’ve heard from bloggers who are more prolific than I ever was that having and keeping a set time for writing is a key element to longevity. It makes perfect sense, as we are creatures of habit. Once we’re in that groove, whether it be for a daily devotion, prayer time, journaling, reading, or blogging, it feels strange when we’re not using that time for it’s intended purpose. As it was, with my non-schedule, it became easy to let the days between posts become months between posts. At some point, blogging wasn’t something I gave a second thought to. I’d think to myself “oh yeah, I should get back to that someday” but someday never came. As I explained in my first post in this blaugust series, there were many things that led to the eventual obscurity of this blog, but I have no doubt that if I had gotten into the habit of posting regularly, it would have been much easier to keep up the pace.

4 thoughts on “Blaugust tip: make time

  1. I am so bad at this part of it, doing it regularly, making time. I’m hoping Blaugust will help me make blogging into an actual habit rather than just something I do when I think of it lol. I mentioned on our Discord that this is the first time I’ve blogged three days in a row in years. Hopefully, it’ll stick!

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  2. Juggling two kids and full time work means something had to give so I could make time. So my streaming has taken a hit until I eventually build up a backlog. I’m not even close yet 😂

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    1. Boy do I hear this. I wish very much I could carve a regular slot of time out for blogging but I just have to make do with what I can get. So far been doing well with Blaugust, but we’ll have to see whether that can keep up. 😉

      I think it’s still entirely possible to be successful in this sort of setup though. It does require that, at least amongst your ‘free time’ you prioritise blogging over say, getting another hour or two of gaming in.

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