Blaugust tip: make a topic list

Something I noticed when I first started both my blog and my podcast is that I was overflowing with topic ideas. I had so many ideas that I thought I’d never run out. Even so, I decided write some of them down in case I ever reached a point when the ideas were not so plentiful. This proved to be a helpful little tip that I’ve tried to pass on to those who are just starting in content creation.

Make a list of all your topic ideas. Keep the list somewhere that is readily accessible, because you never know when you’ll get hit with one that you’ll want to record. When I was blogging regularly, I liked to use Evernote because it was free, multi-platform and would sync between my mobile device and my PC. Other tools may have similar functionality but I’d make sure it’s somewhere that is easily accessible, perhaps even voice compatible, for those times when you need to jot down an idea but your hands a busy (driving, for example).

How you use the list isn’t as important. You can prioritize topics, or just pluck them off as you see fit, but the key is to write it down. I’ve learned that I can no longer trust my memory enough to forgo written cues. Even major life events get scrambled over time, so I don’t expect something as trivial as a blog topic idea to persist over the course of a busy day. Write it down!

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