Beyond Bossfights 31

Brax and DJ talk about MMO Guilds, Fortnite, Stranger Things Season 2, and Cobra Kai!




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Show notes:


  • Me
  • DJPimpdaddy direct from the ‘natti

“Reasonable” banter section

New Intro music!

Acknowledgements and apologies

  • Dedicated to our Canadian listeners & viewers
  • Video cut off early – sorry!
  • Brax’s audio skipping – sorry!
  • DJ sorry for all the sorrys

Topics for discussion:

  • Brax, please explain Fortnight to me. Use crayons if necessary.
  • What happened to AR gaming? Was Pokemon Go the best and last? I want the future darnit!
  • Stranger Things 2 – This show has given me nightmares about Christmas lights
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 release date announced Oct 26th
  • Westworld Season 2 – aka “Who the heck let the robots start shooting humans?”
  • Cobra Kai – aka is anyone actually paying for YouTube Red?

Ask Us Anything

If your family was lost in space, what’s the first argument you’d have? – Fredelas


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Contact information:



Music by Michael Meadows

Voiceover by Alexa Rubinov



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