Beyond Bossfights 29 – Anxiety

In this episode of Beyond Bossfights, I’ve got Andang and Professor Beej with me to talk about a problem that many people experience: anxiety. They share their personal experiences and struggles, and try to help me understand what coping with anxiety looks like day to day.


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Show notes:

Definitive Gaming History (Beej)

Main Topic – Anxiety

Questions/Topics for discussion:

  • You’ve both mentioned struggling with anxiety at various times. Have you been officially diagnosed? When did you first realize that this was a problem for you?
  • How does your anxiety manifest itself in everyday life?
  • I’ve picked you two specifically because I’ve watched/listened to the content you create, and from your demeanors, I’d never guess that you struggle with anxiety. In fact, you both seem pretty outgoing. What do you attribute this to? Does your anxiety make content creation more difficult?
  • “Anxiety” is somewhat of an overused word nowadays. A lot of people get nervous in uncomfortable situations (speaking in public, meeting new people) – how do you differentiate anxiety as an illness from the normal discomfort of nervousness? Does it bother you when people who are obviously just ‘garden variety nervous’ claim to have anxiety?
  • You’re both gamers, and I’ve met a lot of gamers who struggle with anxiety. Does interfacing with others through the medium of gaming help with anxiety? Do you think it could be harmful (like, avoiding face-to-face interactions altogether?)



From Pasduil on Beyond Bossfights Episode 27 – 2.5 Year Anniversary Reunion!:

Lovely episode. Made me realize how nice it is to hear the actual voices of people I know well from reading blogs and twitter, but don’t often hear speaking!

Also a nice insight into your life as a podcaster


5 stars from Thevoid19:

I love every time this podcast shows up in my feed! I can’t wait for more!

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 Voiceover by Alexa Rubinov


2 thoughts on “Beyond Bossfights 29 – Anxiety

  1. Hey Brax, thanks for tackling this tough topic, and thanks also to Beej and Andang for being willing to talk about what can be very a personal subject. I have a loved one that suffers from clinical depression and I found a lot of the commentary to be significantly applicable for that as well. In fact, I have read the book (hyperbole and a half) that Beej mentioned, and I highly recommend it as well. I have been told it is perhaps the most accurate portrayal of how a person can feel with that condition, to some degree explaining the unexplainable so to speak and does so in a very accessible way. Cheers,Braag


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