Beyond Bossfights 24 – Single Player Superiority

In this show, I give a quick update on the plans for the show (again) and talk about some of the reasons that I’ve preferred playing single player games instead of MMO’s lately


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2 thoughts on “Beyond Bossfights 24 – Single Player Superiority

  1. Hey, just listened to this episode. Count me as a happy listener, whether or not you have guests, and whether or not you stay on some kind of schedule. It’s just interesting to periodically hear what you have to say about whatever you’re playing. And I think most listeners would rather you podcast because you like to podcast, not due to some obligation. It just makes for better listening all around.

    Thanks again for the enjoyable show.


    1. Thanks! I appreciate your thoughts. The longer I do this, the more I think you’re right. People do understand that this is a hobby, and most will stay subbed even though you’re not frequent/consistent, as long as you don’t go away for too long. Might be a different story if I was a professional or doing a business podcast or something!


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