Beyond Bossfights 20 – TGEN Tribunal 3

This month, we have a special roundtable episode that includes members of The Gaming and Entertainment podcast network. This rowdy crew saw fit to discuss all manner of gaming topics, from upcoming expansion packs to the changing mobile gaming scene to Syl’s hidden desire to shower with World of Warcraft soap. Please be sure to visit all of the fine podcasts of my guests this month!

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Introductions & shows

Belghast – Aggrochat
Jason – The MMO Show
Syl – Battle Bards
Roger – Burton and Scrooge
Liore – Cat Context

  • expansions of the year, namely heavensward and heart of thorns
  • mobile gaming: when is it fun? are there good examples and experiences we’ve made?
  • companion pets / minipets in MMOs: why do people love them?
  • MMO Cross-promotion with feature films (Warcraft movie, Star Wars/SWTOR, all the Marvel stuff)

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