TGEN is Participating in Extra Life 2015!

Extra LifeMany of you probably know that my podcast, Beyond Bossfights, is a part of a pretty cool podcast network. And when I say pretty cool, I’m referring as much to the podcast producers and hosts as well as the shows, themselves. When I put the question to this group of folks about Extra Life 2015, I’m happy to say that I got enough interest to go ahead and create an Extra Life team for The Gaming and Entertainment Network! Our goal is to raise $5,000 to benefit children who are sick enough to require specialized hospital treatments and extended stays.

If you don’t know what Extra Life is, I’d encourage you to jump over to their information page and familiarize yourself with this organization. The short answer is they’re a charitable organization that supports Children’s Miracle Network hospitals via their fundraising. The coolest part about the way they raise money for these hospitals is that we can participate! Gamers across the world raise money via donations that go directly to the CMN Hospital of their choice. For example, I play for the St. Louis Children’s Hospital (read my post from last year to learn why).

So, what is an Extra Life team? Basically, it’s just a group of folks participating in Extra Life. In our case, the TGEN team is open to anybody who wishes to join us in raising money for this worthy cause. We’d love your donations, but we’d love even more to see some of our readers and listeners join the TGEN team and extend our reach even further! If this interests you, head on over to our team page and click on the big green “join our team” button. Seriously, it’s very green, you can’t miss it. Then, you’ll be walked through creating an Extra Life account and donation page.

If joining a team isn’t your cup of tea, then please consider supporting one of the TGEN team members with a donation. While a lot of the donating happens during the 24 hour gaming marathon, you don’t have to wait for the marathon to donate. The pages are open for donations as soon as they’re created. Here’s mine!

We don’t have all of the details in place yet, but we’re hoping to have some cool livestreams figured out for the Extra Life marathon date (November 7). Whatever the case, we’re very passionate about this cause, and we hope that you will be, too!


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