NBI Poetry Slam 2015: An Ode to Gold

Barter with me – if you can, if you dare

Let’s open my wallet, find out what’s in there


Gold, silver, copper

Is just the beginning

Credits and tokens

I’m no longer grinning


Station cash, splinters, zen points and plat

Diamonds and trophies

Can there be more than that?


Karma and laurels and items of barter

Badges and relics

This keeps getting harder


Comms, seals and symbols and crystals and shards

Marks and medallians

What, no credit card?


Carvings and mithril and spirits and G’s

Crowns, leaves and runestones

and even TP’s


Planarite and sourcestones, favors, black ice

Fragments and emblems

It’s not even nice.


Trophies and diamonds and crescents and runes

Seedlings and sparks

Will this be over soon?


Insignias, nuggets, concoctions and glory

Vouchers, prestige

There’s no end to this story.


Influence, renown, reputation, gold bars

Tickets and zeal

and of course Gilda Stars.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from playing MMO’s,

It’s make sure that your pockets stretch down to your toes.


This poem appears courtesy of the NBI Poetry slam. The theme this year is “Gold”.  Find more (and much better) poetry by following this thread in the official NBI Forums!

Pot of Gold by Jeremy Schultz on Flickr Creative Commons

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