Beyond Bossfights 17 – Community Filmmaking

Storytelling comes in many forms. In gaming, we play out scenes through our avatars and with our imaginations. As strange as it may seem, the creative storytelling process of filmmaking isn’t much different! In episode 17, Ron Newcomb and I examine Ron’s journey from law enforcement officer to filmmaker, some parallels between gaming and filmmaking, and the movement towards community involvement for independent filmmakers.

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Show notes:

What Are the Kids Playing?

Driver San Francisco – Locowolf (also, check out Locowolf’s YouTube video on this game)

Definitive Gaming History

Main Topic – Community Filmmaking

Questions/Topics for discussion:

  • How did you get into filmmaking?
  • With Rise of the Fellowship, the goal of the main characters is to travel across the country and participate in a Lord of the Rings Online PvP tournament. Were/are you a LOTRO player, and how did you come up with that concept?
  • Talk about some of the high and low points of creating that movie.
  • Was Rise of the Fellowship your first full-length film?
  • Explain the difference between your approach to creating The Rangers versus Rise of the Fellowship
  • Do you consider the new approach a success?
  • What is The Forge Studios?
  • What did you learn during the filmmaking process of the other films that led to the formation of The Forge?
  • Do you have any films planned for the future?
  • One of the slogans on your website is “They said we couldn’t. We said watch us.” Is that a commentary on the current state of the entertainment industry (specifically filmmaking)?
  • What can people do if they want to get involved in filmmaking via The Forge Studios?

What Have I Been Up to?

Retirement of two TGEN shows: Massive Failure and Roleplay Domain due to creator Joseph’s retirement from podcasting

Newbie Blogger Initiative

TGEN Tribunal 2 – All about the NBI

Featured network show: Couch Podtatoes


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Contact information:


Ron Newcomb


 Voiceover by Alexa Rubinov


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