A Gaming Post About Not Gaming

unpluggedToday is the one-week anniversary of my office room being declared (by me) a natural disaster. When your barefoot eight year old steps back and asks “why is it wet, there?”, you tend to spring into action, especially when it’s a basement room and the rain has been constant and heavy. And act I did, unplugging all of my equipment, moving my computer desk (and some bookshelves), and peeling back about 1/3 of the carpet to reveal a saturated pad underneath. Next came the box fan, de-humidifier and wet vac damage control. The wet vac was able to pull some of the moisture out. But for the most part, only time and good air circulation was going to cure the dampness of the room. A few days time, actually.

While the room is mostly dry at this point, I haven’t had the time, energy, or tools to put it back together sufficiently enough to be able to use my gaming desktop again. Side note on putting the room back together: you’d think that carpet that has been peeled up would simply roll back into place. It doesn’t work that way. It’s like trying to install a cell phone screen protector; except that the screen guard is 15 feet long and you have to get the bubbles out while crawling on it. The gaming computer in my office, I might add, is the workhorse PC I use for most of my blogging and podcasting production. So, although I have other computers in the house, I’ve been mostly limited to Twitter interaction and the reading of the occasional blog post.

I Can Stop any Time

The time off, however, has given me a lot of time to step back and think about things. First off, I started wondering if I was addicted to gaming, or even to the content creation I’ve freely thrown myself into. For about four days after the flood, I was extremely anxious and restless in the evening during the time that I would normally be gaming or producing content. While I’ve never thought of myself as addicted to anything – I don’t typically have an addictive personality – these feelings I was noticing are classic withdrawal symptoms. Perhaps I am addicted, after all?


Some other things happened during my unexpected gaming interruption. For one, I started noticing a lot of stuff around the house that needs attention. This is normal around this time of year. It’s springtime and the long winter’s worth of abuse that my family of six doles out to our surroundings is more noticeable in the vernal light. But it’s starting to get worse every year. The house is over twenty years old, and most everything that was installed with the original construction is in need of replacement or refurbishment. Last year at this time, I decided not to subscribe to ESO due to the amount of home improvement work I perceived around me, and that turned out to be a good decision. Another thing that happened: after a few years of ‘coasting’ in a job that is financially lucrative but has become unfulfilling, I’ve finally found a viable employment goal that would be able to both scratch a creative itch and provide for my family, should that opportunity present itself. In the meantime, I’ve busied myself laying out a plan to make myself ready for a future opening. Of course the execution of this plan will include much self-education and practice, and will likely also eat into my “free” time.

Re-evaluating Priorities

So, the age-old question is how can I accomplish everything? I haven’t even mentioned the “normal” free time eater-uppers like attending kids events and volunteer positions. Most likely I won’t be able to. I’m going to have to make some choices in the future that will involve re-arranging my free time schedule. It may mean fewer blog posts. It may mean fewer podcast appearances. It will most certainly mean less gaming. In truth, I don’t know exactly what it means yet, but something’s got to give. At this point, I would like to continue doing Beyond Bossfights and TGEN promotional activities. Everything else is up in the air.

Sometimes real life has to shake you a bit, but usually you come out the other end with a renewed perspective and a better plan.

Featured image by las – initially on Flickr Creative Commons

2 thoughts on “A Gaming Post About Not Gaming

  1. I hate to be a harbinger of bad omens. From when I use to work for my grandfather (who was a contractor from WWII to his death). A minor basment flooding could be a symptom of a major problem. But i think it could be that your sump pump hast gotten too old & overworked. After taking damage assessment, have you discovered the source of the flooding?


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