Beyond Bossfights 16 – Good and Bad Game Studios?

Is there such a thing as a good and bad game studio? In this episode, I’ve got game bloggers Murf and Doone to discuss our perceptions of game studios, what influences them, and whether the ethical practices of a studio have any relation to the quality of games being produced.


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Show notes:

What Are the Kids Playing?

7 Wonders – Cupcake Cutie

Definitive Gaming History

Main Topic – Good and Bad Game Studios?

Questions/Topics for discussion:

  • Is there such thing as a “good game studio” and a “bad game studio”?
    • With regards to creating games
  • What studios seem to have a good reputation for creating great games?
    • With regards to the way they operate
  • What studios seem to have a good reputation for the way they do things?
  • Can you think of a time when a game studio honestly surprised you by something they did where you thought “woah, that was nice”
    • Where does this good reputation come from?
  • Is there a relationship between a studio doing things “the right way” and producing good games?
  • In your mind, is there any relationship between the business models they choose and your opinion of a studio?

What Have I Been Up to?

Welcome Multiplaying and How Is This Movie? to The Gaming and Entertainment Network!

Featured network show: Battle Bards


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Voiceover by Alexa Rubinov

7 thoughts on “Beyond Bossfights 16 – Good and Bad Game Studios?

  1. Another excellent episode! I have so many things I want to say, but I don’t think they’d add much to the insights offered by you and your guests. This is one of the few podcast series where I find myself discussing along with you in my head while I listen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I really do enjoy this podcast series, intelligent, informative, great guests, everything.
    I also think it’s awesome you got Keanu Reeves on the show! How the heck did you pull that one off?


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