2014 Year In Review


I wasn’t going to do an end-of-year post, but after reading some from my fellow bloggers, I got the bug to re-hash some of the high points of 2014 from my perspective. Last year, I posted one called my LOTRO year in review, which was more focused on my LOTRO community involvement, but this year my involvement reached beyond LOTRO into the wider world of gaming and content production. I won’t bore you too much with a year’s worth of stuff that probably only …zero of you are interested in, but here are a few highlights, at least!

January – Beyond Bossfights launches
Beyond Bossfights
What a way to start the year! Inspired by my experience on LOTRO Players News, I decided to launch my own podcast focusing on aspects of gaming that go beyond the nuances typically discussed. I enjoyed my podcasting experiences in 2013 but wanted to produce something on my own that would give me complete control over content and the freedom to manage every detail. The result was an interview style show that has grown to include interesting members of the gaming community and even members of my own family. Somehow, I was able to hit my goal of producing 12 episodes for the year. Beyond Bossfights has been a success by any measure, but unpredictably has opened the doors to new friendships and opportunities, which I value more than any of the other perks.

 May – Newbie Blogger Initiative

Although I started putting posts on braxwolf.com late in 2013, I decided that this would be a good time to participate in the Newbie Blogger Initiative in order to get some tips, share what I’d discovered, and make some new friends along the way. Although I’d already figured out a bulk of the technical/branding stuff prior to joining, being a newbie blogger initiate was an invaluable experience. I knew some of the blogger mentors, but I met quite a few others and was encouraged to find such a diversity of style and backgrounds represented. I must have done something right, because at the end of the event I was honored to be presented with the 2014 Promising Star award, which is probably the personal accomplishment I’m most proud of this year. I think that the reason that I still get overwhelmed when thinking about this award is because it was voted on by a group of people whose opinion I hold in very high regard. While it’s nice to hear a reader comment that they like your blog, to receive this type of honor from one’s peers is another thing altogether.

October – TGEN Launches

To this day I’m not exactly sure what possessed me to attempt the organization of a podcast network, but it sure has been a lot of fun. Considering it’s a large undertaking and is only a few months old, I think we’re all still feeling our way around a bit. The original intent was to help people discover some of the quality gaming and entertainment podcasts available, with a longer term goal of generating a bit of revenue to help with hosting costs as the podcasts grow and need more financial support. While I think we’re on our way to goal #1, I’ll be honest in admitting that I’m still not exactly sure when or where to start on goal #2. In the meantime, we’re hoping to be able to focus on some collaborative projects in the coming year in addition to our normal content, and perhaps even reaching out to other podcasts and networks to solicit their participation. At any rate, we’ve got ourselves a podcast network, and we’re all very proud of how it’s come together and what it stands for.

 (also) October – Extra Life Marathon


Extra Life

After hanging out on the sidelines for the last two years, I finally decided to dive in and put my gaming to good use in the 2014 Extra Life drive. My thought process was: if there was ever a good purpose for all of this community building, helping terminally ill children was that reason. Community for the sake of community is fine, but community in action is the most powerful thing imaginable. I went all out – set up a game raffle for donors, pumped the event on my blog, Beyond Bossfights and LOTRO Players News, formed a LOTRO Players Extra Life team, and streamed the entire 24 hours of gaming. I set a personal goal of raising $500, and surpassed that by another $100. This is probably the community accomplishment I’m most proud of from the past year. It was truly overwhelming to witness the generosity of different members of the gaming community. From $5 up to $100 donations, I was just so blessed to be able to be a part of it, especially knowing that St Louis Children’s will put it to good use.

So yeah, it’s been kind of a full year. But looking back at these new and exciting opportunities and where they may lead, I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

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