Beyond Bossfights Episode 12 – Lore

I’m joined this month by Joseph Bradford, contributor to Legendarium Media and the Gaming the Industry podcast. We talk about the importance of lore in gaming, what can be considered lore, and some of the specifics of how lore is handled in Lord of the Rings Online.

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Show notes:

Guest this episode: Joseph Bradford from Legendarium Media and GTI podcast

What Are the Kids Playing?

Madden 07 – Locowolf

Loco’s YouTube

Definitive Gaming History

Main Topic – Video Game Lore

My Post: Lore or Backstory?

Questions/Topics for discussion:

  • Tell us a little bit about your new podcast
  • What do you consider lore? – how does something “become” lore?
  • What’s the difference between “lore” and a simple backstory?
  • How does a strong lore enhance your gaming experience?
  • Do you have a preference between a licensed IP or a studio developed lore?
  • What other games do you consider to have an especially strong lore?
  • What is the best way to reconcile conflicts between lore and gameplay mechanics?
  • (LOTRO) What is your opinion on the Beorning and how it relates to LOTR Lore?
  • (LOTRO) Is LOTRO straying further from the actual LOTR lore or have they remained pretty consistent?
  • How do you feel about “lore reboots” (like the Star Trek/Star Wars movies, comic books etc.)

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None this month

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Voiceover by Alexa Rubinov


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