Extra Life 2014 Raffle Winners!

Extra Life 2014 is in the books! Well, not exactly. You can actually still donate through the end of the year at Extra-life.org/participant/braxwolf!

At any rate, I had one more piece of business to address, the raffle drawings!

Without further fanfare, I present to you the drawing winners:

$50 Milestone: Mortal Kombat Arcade Edition donated by Pasduil:
Marie R

$100 Milestone: The Bridge:
Adam M

$150 Milestone: Scribblenauts Unlimited donated by Pasduil:
Carrie G

$200 Milestone: Skyrim donated by Ranni:
Soto A

$300 Milestone: Landmark Settlers Pack donated by Whiteberry:
Craig L

$400 Milestone: Lego Lord of the Rings donated by Andrew (DJPD):
Jenny M

$500 Milestone: Bioshock Triple Pack
Jessica C

Also, the largest donation prize (Civilization V Ultimate) goes to Matthew L!

Thanks to everybody who participated with me this year, it really felt like a team effort. The children at St. Louis Childrens will never know our names, but I pray that they feel our presence.

Until next year!


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