Extra Life Stream 2014

In case you weren’t aware, I will be streaming my Extra Life 2014 Marathon on the official day of October 25, considering I don’t run into any major technical issues. I’ll be over a hitbox.tv/braxwolf around 8am US Central Time (1pm GMT). Some of you have asked for my schedule of events. I’ve thought about that, and I do understand the benefits to viewers, but I just don’t think I’ll be able to schedule my playtime in that way. I’ve never been able to follow a strict regimen while on vacation, and I can’t see sticking to that type of schedule while gaming, either. If I’m enjoying the game I’m playing, I’ll keep going. If not, I’ll switch. That being said, here are the games that I currently have installed on my PC that could possibly make an appearance:

  • Lord of the Rings Online
  • Batman, Arkham Asylum
  • Archeage
  • Civilization V
  • Skyrim
  • RIFT
  • Hearthstone

I’ve got a couple of others that I might try to install prior to this weekend just in case I want to start something from scratch, like Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite.

I think it’s a fair bet that I’ll start out on LOTRO, but from there anything else is “fair game”.

The reason for the stream is, of course, to promote the fundraising. So, if you can’t make it and would like to donate ahead of time, you can do so at extra-life.org/participant/braxwolf and earn a chance at some sweet games!



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