Suddenly, Magically

The following is a poem for the NBI 2014 Poetry slam. The theme for this year’s slam is “magic”:

Time to slow the mind, but it won’t slow down

visions of posts and tweets and words

rush over me like the water from the shower

a concept forms. An analogy, perhaps. Something incredibly clever.


I stare at the screen, it glows in return

the phone rings. The dog barks.

the kids playing in the next room

all conspire to destroy my thoughts before they can escape


It starts to trickle out, a keystroke at a time

A phrase, a sentence, a paragraph

It sucks. It’s not what I was thinking.

“Save as draft” saves me, as well. Will try again tomorrow.


Suddenly, magically, the text and ideas flow

Suddenly, magically, the concept starts to grow.

Suddenly, magically, fingers start to fly

Suddenly, magically, I don’t have to try.

Suddenly, magically, it once again is fun

Suddenly, magically, the final thought is done.


Press publish, walk away for now

The idea is no longer mine

It belongs to the world

Take it, use it, make it better.

9 thoughts on “Suddenly, Magically

  1. I remember skimming through Twitter and seeing some folks talking about templates. Did you change yours? Love the look! Very clean!


      1. Thanks but that poem master thing is well over inflated…in fact must remember to burst…although I do like playing with words πŸ™‚


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