Beyond Bossfights 3 – Gaming/Life Balance

Goldenstar and Merric of Casually Strolling Through MMO’s join me to talk about the need for intentional #balance, and life after CSTM. Thanks for listening to this unofficial “Casual Stroll to Mordor reunion”!

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Show notes:

Intro Guests this episode: Goldenstar and Merric

Definitive Gaming History

  • Merric
  • Goldenstar

CSTM Catch-up (Special Segment)

On June 14th of 2013, you posted CSTM To End with Episode 200, an announcement that garnered over 230 laments and well-wishes. Would you like to let the CSTM faithful know what you’ve been up to in the last eight months?
Main Topic – Gaming/Life Balance

Reason for Discussion:

“So this, is why I am unplugging for 2 weeks. No gmail, no twitter, no Steam, no podcasting, no Netflix, definitely no Minecraft, no music, no TV, and no iPad. …<snip>… I will spend my nights with the boys playing Legos, or getting out to visit! It is winter so going outside to play is rather comical, but perhaps we can go see some family. “

Unplugging from the internet Posted on 2/11/2014 by DJPimpDaddy

Questions for discussion:

  • Was there one final straw that caused you to decide that the gaming community involvement was taking up too much time, or was it just a culmination of a lot of little things?

  • Was it only the CSTM “stuff” that was getting in the way of living, or was it also gaming in general?

  • Why was it important to you to get the “balance” back?

  • (Merric, and GS if also applies) Talk about how living healthier factors into the lifestyle balance issues

  • Do you use any gaming or technology to help motivate you to keep focusing on health?

  • Has your gaming playstyle changed since you altered CSTM’s focus?

  • Are you able to incorporate gaming into your family time?

  • Do you think there is a relationship between “life stage” and gaming playstyle?

    • With the supposed “aging player base” in MMO’s, do you think the more casual playstyle demanded by busy gamers is influencing the games, themselves (ie, making them easier, more accessible, more gimmicky)?

  • What do you miss about your involvement with CSTM?


I enjoyed the discussion this week as well. I tend to play male characters myself (somehow that just feels more comfortable to me), and I hope that I’ve conducted myself in such a way as to not fit into any of the negative stereotypes out there. – Randolph

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Twitter: @strolltomordor

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11 thoughts on “Beyond Bossfights 3 – Gaming/Life Balance

    1. Thanks! Sure never thought when I started listening to CSTM nearly 3 years ago that I would have the opportunity to co-host a podcast with M&G someday. I’m glad people are finding it enjoyable!


  1. GREAT podcast!

    I started with CSTM back in their infancy. This podcast brings back some fond memories. Fun times in the CSTM podcast chatroom 🙂 As much as I miss the CSTM show, I think looking at the state of LOTRO since their departure, they probably got out at a good time.

    I have great appreciation for what CSTM did for LOTRO and the LOTRO community. Their accolades are well deserved and they will always be remembered by me and probably many others as a part of our times involved in LOTRO.

    Much ❤ for Goldenstar, Merric, and TheBabyHobbit 🙂


  2. This was awesome! Great to hear from then again and so timely! Been thinking a lot about balance lately myself. 🙂


  3. I’m so glad to see so many positive comments on this episode. Happy and humbled to be able to not only have a great conversation with M&G but also to share it with so many others. I still hold out hope that this won’t be the last that we’ll hear from them.


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