Beyond Bossfights 1 – Will We Outgrow Gaming?

In our very first episode, Andang joins me to mull over the idea of outgrowing gaming. Thanks for Listening!

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Show Notes:


Welcome to Beyond Bossfights Ep 1

Introduction to me

Introduction to the podcast

Main Topic – Will we outgrow video games?

Intro Guest this episode: Andang,Lead Director of, among other things

Let guest introduce himself and talk about (origins of gaming? and) what he does in gaming, what games he’s playing etc.

Talk about why Andang is the guest


Resident Evil developer Capcom recently released an investor report in which they state: “The main user group is now in their late-30s to 40s, and the average age is also going up as the series goes on with an increasing possibility that some percentage of the existing users will outgrow games altogether.”

World’s Oldest Battlefield Player:

Contact information:


Twitter: @PvMP_Andang



Twitter: @Braxwolf





3 thoughts on “Beyond Bossfights 1 – Will We Outgrow Gaming?

  1. Good show and interesting topic. I agree that as long as the end user has a game they like to play, they will game. Something to also consider is the growing genre of gamers that get stuck in a generation of systems/games. For example there are “classic arcade only” gamers out there in their retirement years now. Imagine trying to convince them to pick up a COD on new PS4.

    For myself I find myself replaying classic 8 and 16 bit RPGs over and over every year or two among the new new stuff. Heck, I honestly can see myself playing Minecraft a decade from now! Sad but true.


  2. Great first show, looking forward to more.

    I personally don’t think people will grow out of gaming any more than people grow out of watching movies. But it’ll be like with movies where at one stage of your life you might often make a whole evening out of going to the movies with a big bunch of friends, but later in your life you’ll watch an hour of a DVD in between putting the kids to bed, getting chores done and needing to get some sleep yourself.

    In some ways games are an ideal hobby for older people, being something that can be done in the comfort of your own home. and not needing a whole lot of physical stamina.

    But maybe the game companies and devs need to look more at how the tastes and needs of people change as they get older if they do want to keep them on board.


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